Thursday, October 18, 2012

News Release

Snider Participates in
Annual Meeting of Selected Independent Funeral Homes

Boston, Massachusetts, September, 19 - 22, 2012—Richard Snider was among the many funeral service professionals attending the 94th Annual Meeting of Selected Independent Funeral Homes in Boston, MA, September 19 - 22. Snider is the Owner and Operator of Baker/Hazel & Snider Funeral Home & Crematories in Dayton.

“I always value the opportunity to gain new information and insight on how to better serve my client families,” said Snider. “Selected’s meeting provided valuable opportunities to gather with my fellow members of Selected Independent Funeral Homes from across North America and around the world. We participated in a variety of informative study sessions, discussed insights and shared new ideas that I’m excited to implement.”

Meeting sessions focused on important issues concerning the funeral service profession such as innovative service ideas, timely business advice and best practices. Among the many topics covered during the meeting were working with today’s media, creating a solid business, building relationships with clergy and helping adults better assist grieving children.

Founded in 1917 as National Selected Morticians, Selected Independent Funeral Homes ( is the world’s oldest and largest association of independently owned funeral homes. Members of the association are expected to operate according to specific standards and best practices in order to provide the public with reliable, high-quality funeral services and funeral-related information.

“Our members pledge to uphold the Selected Independent Funeral Homes Code of Good Practice and are committed to the important responsibility they have to the families and communities they serve,” said Robert J. Paterkiewicz, Executive Director of Selected Independent Funeral Homes. “It’s a tradition of trust that Baker/Hazel & Snider Funeral Home & Crematories has been a part of for 24 years.” 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Questions about Cremation

11 Questions to Ask About Cremation

Cremation is not universally understood, and many people have not had either the need or the opportunity to learn the differences between cremation providers. We believe Baker-Hazel & Snider compares favorably to any other cremation service provider. Whether you have a loved one who has just died or you're making funeral plans in advance, cremation offers a number of options; with or without a visitation, a funeral, or memorial service.
1.When you pick up a deceased's body, where is it taken?
We provide dignified on-site possession of your loved one at our Dayton area location.

2.Where is your crematory?
We perform all cremations on-site at our family-owned Baker-Hazel & Snider Funeral Home campus.

3. Do you verify the deceased's identity before cremation?
Our quality assurance plan insures that every identity is confirmed by: 1. Photo ID, 2. Signature confirmation from an authorized agent or personal representative who has viewed the remains; and maintained by a unique numbered metal tag which survives the cremation process. This far exceeds state requirements. 

4. Do you cremate each body alone?
Because Baker-Hazel & Snider is family-owned and operated crematory, we can control the sanctity of the process. We perform cremations for the families we serve with dignity and honor and each cremation is performed individually. 

5. When is the deceased's body cremated?
Because our storage and crematory facilities are all on-site, we can usually complete cremation within 3-6 days after finalization of legal paperwork. Under our direct supervision, we can accommodate virtually any turn-around requirement to support the scheduling of funeral services, shipment or spreading of cremated remains.

6. May I attend the actual cremation?
Since we are very open with our cremation procedures, we offer each family the opportunity to witness the cremation of their loved one's remains.

7. Why do families ask to witness cremation?
We own and operate our own crematory, and we will be here for you throughout the process. Whatever your reason, your family is welcome to witness the cremation by appointment.

8. Is a casket required before cremation?
We will accommodate your casket or container choice with no delay in the cremation process. You may view our cremation caskets and urns at our planning center next to the funeral home on our campus. 

9. Is embalming required before cremation?
If you desire your loved one to be dressed and prepared for visitation or funeral service prior to cremation, Baker-Hazel & Snider requires embalming. We have a state-of-the-art preparation facility at our funeral home to accommodate your request.

10. When do I receive my loved one's cremated remains?
We offer many styles of urns and shipping containers, and we will seal your loved one's cremated remains into the container of your choice while you wait, or deliver it by appointment. Cremated remains are generally available for pick-up 12 hours after cremation.

11. Why are there significant price differences in cremation services?
Baker-Hazel & Snider offers the highest level of professional services and care provided with the maximum of flexibility and personalization in the cremation of your loved one.