Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Organ Donor

"Organ donation is not a tragedy but it can be a beautiful light in the midst of one.” - Anonymous
My son and I live in Brookville, which is a small community.  The second week of school on Friday, August 28th four teenagers were involved in a car accident.  One young lady died at the scene the other three were sent to hospitals.  Two of the three in critical condition.  On Sunday, August 30th another one of the young ladies died from her injuries. She was a classmate of my son.  On Monday the school held a prayer vigil in the evening for the community.  More than 500 people attended.  The parents of the young lady that died on Sunday were there.  They shared with all in attendance the pain of losing of their daughter.  They begged all the teenagers there to not speed.  To stop and think when they are driving. They also shared that they had donated Emily's organs to save other lives.  It was the only moment in the evening when everyone clapped and cheered. Not only will she live on in the hearts and minds of her family and friends, she has now brought hope to others.  Because of their selfless act of organ donation several lives were touched. 
When someone is an organ donor the funeral home and the family will receive a letter from the Tissue Bank.  It will list the information about where the organs went.  Not specific names but it will say something like her lungs went to a 28 year old female in Michigan who has two children.  It will list all of the people who have been helped and even saved by this gift.  I have to believe that the families of the donor will read this letter over and over.  I hope that they can gain some kind of peace in their time of loss. 

Organ donation saves lives.  1 Organ donor can save up to 8 lives and heal up to 50.  22 people will die each day waiting for an organ. How can you help?  You can register to be a donor.   If you would like further information on organ donation or how to register visit www.organdonor.gov.  In the state of Ohio you can go to http://www.donatelifeohio.org/. 
Organ donation is a personal decision that everyone has to make for themselves.  If you’re a donor make sure that your family and friends know your wishes.  I hope through the gift of her donation that Emily's family can begin to heal.  Just like the healing that her gift brought to all who received her organs. 
"Without the organ donor, there is no story, no hope, and no transplant.  But when there is an organ donor, life springs from death, sorrow turns to hope and a terrible loss becomes a gift."  - UNOS

 By Angela Garrett

Wednesday, August 5, 2015



”Tag, you’re it!”

“Tag me!”
“Let’s take a selfie”
“Friend me”

Are you on social media?

WE ARE! Technology is moving faster than me typing these words.
Did you know that people are getting a college degree in Social Media Marketing?
We at Baker/Hazel & Snider are on board. We tweet, we pin, we tag, we share, we swipe…

We think it is so important to be relevant to what is going on in the clouds. Yes, we serve an older generation, but more importantly we care for the whole family. We want all of our families to be relevant in their loved one’s end of life planning. Families are split up and live all over the world. So here at our funeral home, we want people to know that even though you can’t be right here physically, you are here and we are connected to you.

We have a google account, facebook page, a pinterest account, a twitter. We take photos and share them.

How many of you google the company’s name before you try their food, or buy their clothes, or use their services? MOST EVERYONE! How many of you moms read reviews on Amazon before buying that new double stroller for your two young ones? I DO.

“Seventy-two percent of Millennials research and shop their options online before going to a store or the mall.” –www.cmo.com

How many of you give your email address out more than my cell phone number. – I DO

My point?
I wouldn’t use a company if they didn’t have an up-to-date website, or a Facebook account.

We need transparency.

 By: Abby Snider-Robinson, Funeral Director