Wednesday, July 23, 2014

“Have the Talk of a Lifetime”

By: Rick Snider

The consumer-education program, Have the Talk of a Lifetime, launched by the Funeral and Memorial Information Council (FAMIC), is gaining significant exposure.   We at Baker-Hazel & Snider Funeral Home, feel that it’s very important to encourage and help families take the time, prior to one’s death, to discuss and record the memories and stories of one’s life, which will be significant in beginning the memorialization process. 
Our experiences in life are all unique and different and our legacy will be remembered and shared as we talk about everything.  We share all the stories about events, trials and victories.  But the important discussion you probably haven’t had is how we want to be remembered.   I am a third generation funeral director and I know through 30+ years of experience, that the conversations we share about our life with our loved ones, will help us make decisions regarding how we want to be remembered.
Memorialization is so much more than it used to be and one’s life story through memorialization will begin the process and transition of comforting and healing.
For four generations and 73 years, we at Baker-Hazel & Snider have promoted the importance of pre-arranged funeral arrangements. We have hired a Pre-arrangement Specialist, Josh Koehler who is a licensed Funeral Director, who has trained to guide families through this story telling process and memorialization by planning this significant event that will affect and involve family and friends.
Now is the time to talk with your family, and generate your story, and make these important plans, which will help your family during this transition from life to death.
 Josh Koehler, Pre-Need Specialist 
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