Monday, June 20, 2016

WE NEED A NAME, not just any name, a good, concrete, name !

June, 2016


We have decided to slightly transform our blog into a puppy-blog! Yes we will still be adding blog posts about funeral related topics, but maybe more about our new addition.

We lost a very special person/friend/employee a few weeks ago. She decided to change jobs + change states. Yes, we might hire a new director/embalmer later on.... but for now........ this little thing will do. She is a mini golden doodle, F1B. 

We have been thinking for awhile about adding a therapy dog to our staff. As you all know, we strive to be unique and proactive. We also care for the whole family. That being said , our pets are our family.

We need help coming up with a name for this little one. She is going to be so special for our grieving families. The importance of love and touch is crucial in our lives + that is exactly what she will help provide. 

We will bring her home on July 7 and she will be with us every day here at the funeral home. We encourage you to stop by and meet and greet her. You will fall in love. 

We will start her training at around 5 months, at our favorite dog trainer. Then around the 12 month mark, she will be involved with Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association !! 

We know this will be a lot of work, but we also know that this will really help our families start this process. 

If you have a name, email it to me: 

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